Hey folks!
I don't know what I am doing, but lets see how far it goes or how well it goes. Passing out from college and stepping into  IT industry, I found a vast change in lifestyle of not only me but even in my friends. I tell you, its very very different than what you live as a student. Two major differences which I found between a student's life and a software engineer's life are : 
  • You have to give a thought to,before bunking office, being SE,well I have to, but as a student, you never waste time to bunk a class. m i ryt ? or m i ryt ? 
  • Second, well something to cheer about, last day of every month, you hear a beep, its a text from your bank saying "Your account has been credit with an amount (which people never disclose, as if they do, it will get reduced)". Yeahhhhh!!! that really makes you energetic isn't it ? At-least for first week. :P
Wait a second.. I was about to welcome you to Knowledge Base. Han.. so why m I doing this ? Well, i always felt that i came late to this computer science field still somehow survived the college torture but wasn't able to explore much and just stuck to the curriculum. Now when I started to work as a software developer, I find this totally new again as if I did nothing during college. Whenever i get stuck to a problem, i have to Google out things many a times and then going through so many different links for it, it all gets messed up. Hufffff....

So gave all this a thought and came to a conclusion that whatever new things I am learning, whatever solutions I am finding out to the problems during software development, I would collect it somewhere and share with students like me and fresh pass-outs coming to fulfill their dreams of working in Software development firms. This collection would keep on growing dynamically with new tips and tricks and many major concepts which we, as a student, ignore during our college days and then find it very difficult to recall.

I don't know how much this would be helpful to you people, but lets see. 

Guys welcome to KnowledgeBase!  I would always be waiting for your valuable advices and feedback.

Thank you!
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